비아그라 인터넷 구매 비아포유 How to Have Better Sex For Couples

If you are one of those people who think that sex is best left to those who really want to do it, think again. The truth is that sex can create a more loving and understanding relationship for you and your partner. Below are some tips on how to start having better sex for couples.

unicorn Stamina

If you are still inexperienced try the simple yet very effective exercise called ” Unicorn Stamina”. Here’s what you do. Take a small towel and hang it on your penis. Try and hold it there without moving. 비아그라 인터넷 구매 비아포유 That’s it. The point is to hold the focus in your body and resist any further masturbation until you feel the urge to move your penis off. If you go past that point you should do it again. That’s it.

A few practises can really help you to gain more control over your penis and also enlightenment on how to have better sex for couples. It’s important that the practice is on your own terms and in privacy. Masturbation was never meant to be practiced by a group and expecting others to do it with you is ridiculous.

Never Satisfying Sex

Never have sex with your ex or anyone else they think would be pleasurable. Doing so will only cause you to wonder what the world is coming to. There is this constant temptation to pleasure others but self-sabotage and the loss of interest in your own needs is bound to come up.

Why not try something new?

Sex is the key to a better relationship but it also helps to keep the relationship fresh and original. Trying new things can be a very erotic experience and the more often you try something different the more original you become.

What Should we try?

There are so many different things you can try in the bedroom; everything from sex positions to foreplay games to toys to chocolate.streaming videos to how you should do your kissing.

But for the sake of our article, let’s talk about the two most popular sex positions:

It’s left to you to guess which one is your favorite.

Sex Position #1: Doggy Style

This position is great for hitting her g-spot and allowing for deeper penetration. Here’s a naughty secret: to add a little bit of dirty talk, do her from behind while you’re doing her from the front. Like, if you’re doing her from behind simply kneel behind her and move her hips to kiss her clitoris. If you’re doing her in the front, simply reach around and stimulate her clitoris with your thumb as you’re thrusting inside her.

Sex Position #2: Cowgirl

Simply, cowgirl.ight.

What’s manhood friendly about a good old-fashioned cowgirl? Easy! She’s totally turned on already and any position you suggest will give her a massive orgasm.

Position her so that she is bending over slightly. This will allow either of you to take control of the thrusting movements (but flooded with all the pleasure you could possibly give her). Or, have her slightly bend forward to change the angle of your penis to precisely hit her g-spot.

Now, because we have a loyal reader base who keep coming back for more, here are a few more tips to make this position even more orgasmic for her:

1. Don’t always use the same old sex position. Once you have learned what a favorite position is for her, stick with that. So when you have sex stick with that.

2. Engage in more foreplay. Foreplay is always appreciated especially when she is close to having an orgasm.

3. Change positions. Don’t always follow the same old, same old routine. Try going off to the side or lightly rubbing her clitoris if she is going to orgasm and then coming back to her in a different position. This variety is fun for both of you and opens up your sexual trust, giving you both more confidence to experiment and enjoy the sexual experience.