Learn Sensual and Sexual Massage Techniques

Most men focus on learning sensual and sexual massage techniques but miss an easy way to be a great lover!

The Massage

Sit down for a nice romantic chat and listen to my thoughts. Sit on my lap and relax. It is important to relax and enjoy the experience. She is not a sex doll nor a sex bomb she is a human being. She is turned on by your gentle touch. The sexual energy will rise within her and you will find she wants to touch you.

How To Begin

Begin by sitting in a relaxed position with your hands at your side. Explore my body with gentle hands and soft lips. Kissing is best to warm her up. Massage the breasts and the back of the legs. Start with the feet and then spread to the upper body. 시알리스 효과 You will find the genitals are particularly sensitive.

What To Do To Improve Your Touch

Touch is an energy issue. The more energy you put into touching, the more energy it takes. Learn to relax your body. Take time to enjoy touching and you will certainly gain more pleasure.


Talk to your lover. Communication is vital to touch. You will find a whole lot more pleasant surprises and fantasies that will come out of your touch. Surprise your partner by taking a lot of time and touching them in places you usually wouldn’t. Try new things. If you have been together for a while, you will be great fun to have sex with. Set the whole thing up and then not do anything until you are both ready. Enjoy the games and the fun.

How To Touch

Start with the head and then slowly move down the body. Start with the feet and then the inner legs. You do not start in the genitals. Inner legs can be a great place to touch. The whole of the inner thigh, from the toes to the tops of the thighs is really sensitive to touch and can be erotic. Slowly move from top to bottom. Keep it slow and sensual.

Clitoral touching is one way to touch her. Another way is to hold the clitoris between your thumb and forefinger and slowly rub it up and down. You can use your tongue also. Clitoral touching is great to use when you need to get her to orgasm fast.


You can reach the G-Spot easily by rubbing the inside with two fingers. The trick is to keep them moist. When they get dry, you can moisten them with either your saliva or a lubricant. Make sure your fingers are well-lubricated. You can reach the G-Spot with your penis also. Just penetrate her with a shallow angle. Seek a spot where she feels a diminution in pleasure. Stimulate the G-Spot in various ways and she will have a massive orgasm fast.

deeper penetrating sex positions. These positions will allow extra depth and thrusting which will target the G-Spot again.  deeper penetration will give her more intense G-Spot feelings. One such position is the doggy style which further widens her vagina and gives her more to grip onto and more pleasure.

More sex positions give her the chance to enjoy longer-lasting sex. These positions also ensure faster and more intense orgasms. Make love to her passionately using different positions that heighten her sensations. Make love to her and she will want you for hours.